Fertilizer and Pesticide Treatments

Our fertilizing program is specially designed to treat the health needs of your lawn. Our Eight-Step Turf Program combats turf disease, weeds and insects. We are fully licensed and educated chemical applicators.

  • 8-Step Turf Program – helps keep your lawn healthy, dense and green.
  • Shrub Fertilizing & Protection – Comprehensive care for plants and bushes through every season.
  • Weed Prevention & Control – Deters the emergence of nearly 80,000 weed species (e.g. Crabgrass, Clover, Dandelions, Broadleaf) and controls post-emergent weeds.
  • Fungicide – Helps control fungus that destroys grass and plants (which presents as turf browning and discoloration) – a very common problem in our area.
  • NEW! Mosquito, Tick & Pest Control – A blanket spray of your property to repel mosquitoes and ticks during the summer months. Also applied around the foundation of your home to prevent crickets, ants and other insects from entering.

Pest License #54979B